May God continue to bless you.  

Pastor RL Ishmael's Blog

Just like stop signs at intersections serve to warn us of danger, God places stops signs in our lives to warn us of dangers.  Failure to stop may lead to trouble. The stops are in place to prevent the worse from happening.

Many people would be in a better state spiritually, emotionally and financially if they had heeded the stops signs. Their relationships would be better and  the decisions they made would have been better.

Thank God for the stops signs in my life. They may at first have looked like disappointments, but looking over my life I am so glad that I heeded the stops,. This is why I am still here.  

 Road trips with the family are  always exciting. Over the years our family had great road trips. But in order to have great  and successful road  trips with my family , I found that taking stops, at sometimes consistent intervals, helps  family members to renew their strength.

Taking  stops are not only necessary to regain strength, but focus as well .  While we may have the strength to keep on going without stops, we may lose focus mentally.   At some point will have to take time off to stop, rest and re-focus in order 

​to be effective.

 Wouldn't it be great if there were no stops in life?  Think about it for a moment, no stops! You go through life without anything blocking or stopping you.  If there were no stops there would be no waiting.  Great! But before we pull out all the stops. Imagine driving up to a four way intersection without any stops and everyone is allowed to go through at will. Hmmm. Yes, maybe sometimes stops are okay.

​ The Bible  assures us that the  steps and the stops of a righteous person are ordered by the Lord. If God did not want stops the Word would have declared the steps of a good person are ordered by the Lord. But instead God included stops as well. If we are going to go forward  safely we need stops. 

Thank God For The Stops