What I've learned over the years in ministry is to look on the bright side. One of my favorite Bible verses is "In everything, give thanks". Sure, things don't always work out in your favor, but putting your faith in an unfailing God and giving thanks even in hard times will make the difference between quitting ministry and seeing it through to the end. God chose you for a purpose, stick with Him and He'll take care of you.

Thank you for reading this far. If this page was a blessing to you, please share it and check back regularly for updates. God bless you! ~Pastor Trudi Ishmael 

But it's also FUN...

‚ÄčIf you are reading this, it means either you are married to a pastor, or you are trying to help your pastor's wife in some way. Being married to a pastor can make a person feel like second best at times. Most of the attention in the church goes to the one who preaches every Sunday sermon and who folks look up to as a Holy Man of God. It's a lot to stand next to.

As his wife, be encouraged! God placed you into that role intentionally. He knows that you are indeed, without a doubt, the ONLY person in the world who could minister to the man who ministers to the congregation. God chose you to do what others can't do. When everyone else is going to your husband for advice and help, he is going to you for the same. Remember your worth in Christ, you are valuable and beautiful. And you ARE a blessing to your ministry.

Yeah, It's HARD...


Being a pastor's wife can be so much fun! We get the chance to see what takes place behind the scenes at church...you know what I mean. Watching the worship team switch roles just for fun (why is the keyboardist on the drums???) and picking up the mic to sing along with them in a jam session...FUN!

Hearing your husband practice his ice breaker jokes on you...FUN

Getting a front row seat to all the church's events, especially featuring the pre-Kids who will definitely be doing something silly...FUN!

Hi folks! Welcome to our Pastors Wives page.  My intention is to share some of what I have learned over the years with all of you to help make ministry easier. To find out more about me click here.