Sister Tandi has been a teacher within our Children's Church Ministry for over ten years. She is the proud aunt of many nieces and nephews. She has a passion for teaching students to think critically about the word of God and to demonstrate love towards one another.


Pastor Trudi has been the head of the Children's and Youth Ministry since Forgiveness Assembly began in April of 2000. She is a loving mother of three humans and two dogs. She loves to sing silly songs, make crafts, and play random games. She loves Jesus and is always ready to share the gospel with everyone she meets.

Sister Tricia has also been a teacher with our Children's Ministry for over ten years. Sister Tricia is the proud mom of two children. She has a passion for teaching thankfulness and encourages all children, young and old, to share a testimony before the lesson begins. She loves to bring snacks and treats for the children, and to provide them with prizes for a job well done.

Forgiveness Assembly Church is excited to offer a children's ministry program that is captivating and inspirational. During our Children's Church Service we provide hands on teaching about the Bible so that children will not be bored. While your children are enjoying the fellowship of their peers, playing games, learning the scriptures, and creating various crafts, you will be able to enjoy the main service from just a few feet away. The Children's Church starts at 11 AM. Bring your children to this fun and exciting Children's Church.


Use your phone's camera to scan the QR code below to make a donation to our Children's Ministry.


​​​Children Are Excited About Our Children's Church